Who is Something Photographic

Something Photographic was born in to creation in 2007, I began freelance wedding photography just after and then throughout the years have ventured in to event and portrait photography as well. I like to mix it up and have a constant flow where I can use my creativity to exceed my clients requirements.

What Services I can offer

Wedding Photography

I have three packages available which you may find suit your requirements, if they do not appeal to you then we can of sit down and discuss your exact requirements. I also do engagement and post wedding shoots (you get a discount when booking at the same time as the wedding so please enquire!)

Event Photography

Hire me for as little as two hours and I will capture your event in all its glory and can apply themes to the event if required. With videography and photography it shall be covered.

Portrait Photography

From a single shot to give a loved one or a family outing to the seaside or a couples shoot in the park in Spring there are so many reasons to have these memories to treasure and look back on.


I have done quite a lot of previous work on catalogue and ebay listing product photography and is still quite a large part of my intake. Get in contact to discuss your project and we can take it from there.

Camera & Lenses

My main camera is a Nikon D800 with a SB-700 flash system. Any good camera system needs a robust lens lineup, using a variety of lenses from my Nikon 35mm f/1.4 to my zooms and other prime leses. Outside of my main system I also have a portable studio set up which I use for product and corporate shoots.